Our Programs:

"Young Musicians"

30/45/60 min; weekly/twice a week

For children and teenagers (4 years old and up*)

Our weekly lessons provide the problem-solving tools needed to achieve proficiency in playing the instrument whether the student is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Our teaching focuses on many aspects of music and piano playing such as reading, ear training, music theory, music history, and of course, piano technique. Student and student's parent(s) are committed to the weekly goals set by the teacher. Thus, daily practice is required**.

​*Age 4 is just an approximation; we know there are exemptions where the student is younger and is ready for piano lessons.

**Daily practice is indeed a requisite for continuous progress and growth.

"Coaching: Auditions or Concert Preparation"


for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Whether you are preparing for an audition or a concert, we accommodate our schedule to work with you to achieve the best result possible in your upcoming performance. We have much knowledge on musical style, technique, and performance preparation. We offer various strategies and approaches to enhance your memory, confidence, and etiquette when performing.

​*Coachings can be as often as needed. The teacher may suggest the frequency of lessons depending on each case.

"Hobbyist/Music Lover

45/60 min; weekly/bi-weekly*

for Adults

Whether it's for you, a loved one, or a friend, our piano/music lessons are in a relaxed fashion, where we spend time on music reading, music appreciation, theory, and chords. We work with you at your own pace because we know you have other responsibilities.

*Our teaching schedule tends to be more flexible with adult students and we may allow bi-weekly lessons as our schedule permits.

"Vocal Coachings and Lessons"

45/60 min *

for Children and Adults

Our instructor is highly qualified with over 10 years of experience with kids and adults.

Do you feel like you can use some help reaching those high notes or simply get through that long-phrase easily? Some of the most common problems in singing are due to the fact of not using the right muscles, such as the neck!. A typical lesson consists of a wide variety of vocal exercises and warm-ups that make you feel those muscles. Then after being vocally warmed up you work on your repertoire.

Whether you are preparing for an audition or simply want to enrich your tone, this program is for you!

"Music Theory/Ear Training/Exams"

45/60 min *

for Intermediate to Advanced Students

If you already have a teacher but want to strengthen your aural and theory skills, then this is for you. We offer individual/group classes** on music theory and aural skills. Music theory should not be a weakness if you already play an instrument, especially the piano. We make music theory learning enjoyable while simultaneously comprehensive and relatable to you and what you are playing or learning. If there is a specific topic you want to learn, ask us!

​*This can be as often as needed. The teacher may suggest the frequency of lessons depending on each case.

​**We do not have a regular schedule for this, but it can be arranged as our schedule permits.